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For twenty-five years I have been coaching high achievers, entrepreneurs and senior leaders through the IHD. During this time I have studied with some of the world's finest teachers of philosophy, psychology, science, comparative religion and mythology.

I have encountered one idea that crops up again and again and again ...

Confidence won't come to you, you have to track it down, and build it step by step. That's what "failures" are for. The Fearless Hack will enable you to do this simply.

On this website, you will be meeting many people whose words and deeds continue to inspire me to live each day in wonder at what a single person or a small group of people can achieve ... when they decide to "have a go and just do it."

Adrian Gilpin, Chairman Institute of Human Development, Editor-in-Chief, Be Fearless

Institute of Human Development

We INSPIRE people to push on the boundaries of their comfort zones, discover that they grow massively through every change and challenge and that they are better than they thought they were.

We LIBERATE people from many of their doubts, anxieties, inhibitions and fears. 

We TRANSFORM people’s self-belief, confidence, and resilience.


An unprecedented impact on people and profit in IBM

Be Fearless began in earnest inside IBM at a Fearless Behaviour Conference held at The Chelsea Football Stadium in 2010. It had an unprecedented impact on IBM Global Business Services' profits and on the personal and family lives of most who took part.

In this video, we hear from IBM-ers from UK, Europe, S E Asia, Europe and India.

The word ‘fearless’ became part of our vocabulary

The Fearless programme achieved a step-change in the mindset and attitude of Chris Wyatt's senior team in IBM.  "It was, and remains, one of the highest impact leadership initiatives I have seen.  It was helpful to me in inspiring immediate transformation in several leaders' behaviour. We made pitches we would not have made previously, won business we would have lost, built relationships we would not have built, and resolved issues which would likely otherwise have allowed to drag on.  Everyone was able to challenge anyone else with the simple question, ‘are we being fearless?’ in any situation.  It was an easy decision to roll out the programme throughout the whole business.”

Build a shared and fearless vision

While negotiating the trade sale of my business for £100 million, there were ample opportunities for anxiety and fear across the whole of my top team, not least myself. The IHD's BeFearless process enabled us to face our own personal inhibitions and fears, and helped us build a shared and fearless vision of how successful we would be if we were wholly aligned. The results were exceptional. It transformed our behaviour with each other and our teams. I can truly say we would not have achieved our goals without the participation of IHD. Stanley Davis, Chairman, Stanley Davis Group.

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