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Corporate partnerships

We will work passionately and closely with any commercial or public sector organisation that seeks to make a quantum difference to the self-confidence, mindset and productivity of the enterprise, and the private lives of its people ... and their people. 

  • All employees will be given unrestricted access to Be Fearless.
  • Your people can give their people access to Be Fearless - free of charge - extending your support to their family and friends.
  • Your Leaders and Managers will be able to guide all employees through Fearless Discovery - a unique self-managed learning experience.
  • You pay nothing for the ideas and the frameworks for success.
  • You have priority access to IHD consultants who can make your own people your own expert resource if you really need it, but you probably don't!
  • All you agree to do is
    • actively promote the development of an internal capability network,
    • actively broadcast your activities as a Fearless Enterprise on social media and
    • make a real and practical contribution to the Be Fearless Movement

Media partnerships

We will discuss an exchange of your support in exchange for free access to Be Fearless for your viewers, readers, listeners ...

Media and TV production companies, Social Media Influencers, and collaborative web owners would all be valued contributors to the Be Fearless Movement!

Press kit

A full press kit will follow. During 2019, please get directly in touch with Adrian Gilpin, Founder of Be Fearless and Chair of the Institute of Human Development here.

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