The Hack

To hack: To infiltrate a system or process and change it.

Not necessarily maliciously!

The Fearless Hack is coming ... in 2020

The videos we made for The IBM Fearless Programme had an unprecedented impact on the personal and family lives of the 15,000 participants - and a Return On Investment for IBM of over 430:1

PWC, the University of Nottingham and countless entrepreneurial businesses and social enterprises were among the others that subsequently asked us to bring BeFearless to their employees.

We are now re-scripting and re-recording this same content ... and we will re-launch this content in 2020 under, "The Fearless Hack"

In the meantime ... here are the old Pathfinder videos - same content, a decade old production style!

PATHFINDER 2012 (Doesn't he look young!)

50 things to expect from The Fearless Hack?

We can help you tame your doubts, inhibitions and your greatest fears.

You bring the outcome, and what is stopping you - we bring a transformational process that succeeds almost every time.

If you want a long list of genuine outcomes achieved by past participants, have a look at our blog What Will The Fearless Hack Do Fou You?

It may change how you make sense of the world?

An English professor wrote the words: ‘A woman without her man is nothing’ on the chalkboard and asked his students to punctuate it correctly. All of the men in the class wrote: ‘A woman, without her man, is nothing.’ All the females in the class wrote: ‘A woman: without her, man is nothing.’ 

Choosing the words, images and punctuation that make up the stories in our head is an art and a craft. Learn it and you have the tools of confidence, fearless behaviour, success, happiness and fulfilment. 

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