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Fear is your greatest limitation. It can become your greatest strength!

Fear - in all its troublesome forms - is perhaps the most chronic and costly problem facing our world.

Whether at home in our relationships, at work in our jobs and careers, or out in society as we face the really big issues of climate-change, conflict and the economy - we cannot change anything while we are full of doubt, worry, inhibition or insecurity. We need to be at our very best. Together. From today. Help us make this movement viral.

Enterprises & organisations

If you want your people inspired, motivated and equipped to face change - ask about out Fearless Keynotes, Masterclasses and about managed access to Be Fearless  

Be Fearless was forged inside demanding commercial enterprises IBM, PWC, University of Nottingham and countless entrepreneurial businesses.  In each of these very different organisations, it made an unprecedented (and documented) impact on the bottom line. As it turned out, it massively impacted the personal and family lives of all who took part. It was this that inspired this public launch of the ideas. 

It costs you nothing to talk to us about how you can become a Founding Fearless Enterprise.

Individuals & families

Whoever and wherever you are, whatever your background and start in life, and how far you have got towards your ideal life, or how far you remain from it, your greatest asset is your choice what to do next

The choices you have available to you are not as dependent on your current circumstances as you think. They are dependent on your ability to manage your emotions, and harness your hopes and fears

This is as great a challenge for the world's top achievers as it is for any young person entering the adult world from a tough start in life. Every healthy person on the planet regardless of education or intellect will learn to do this badly or brilliantly. And every healthy person on the planet regardless of their current situation can learn to do it better. That is why Be Fearless exists. To inspire, support, challenge and celebrate every step you take towards a life that is happier, more successful, and ultimately more fulfilling.

It costs you nothing to be curious. It costs you nothing to be an active Founder Member of Be Fearless. Contact us now.

Free access for all users

You can join us in a number of ways:

- Through your work, if your employer is a Fearless Enterprise.

- Through your favourite UK charity, again if it is a Fearless Enterprise.

- With a free access voucher from anyone you know who works at a Fearless Enterprise.

- By asking us!

For more information about any of these, contact us.

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